Month: June 2018

Noisy Water Pipes?

Noisy water pipes can be annoying and it may be a serious plumbing problem. You might have observed some strange and loud noise only when the hot water flows through or, have observed it after you shut it off. The second case is possible with both hot and cold water. It sounds like hammering and…

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Are Your Pipes Wearing Out?

Your home’s plumbing needs to be checked regularly by a qualified plumber. If your house is a little older, then it becomes even more critical to check the pipes periodically and get them repaired. If you overlook regular checks, then you will spend more money getting your whole house plumbed. Annual maintenance ensures that your…

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General Plumbing Tips

San Diego Plumbers Provides Tips for Residential Plumbing Main shutoff valve. Your home's plumbing system can have hundreds of different shut off valves, but knowing the location of just one can prevent thousands of dollars in damage to a home. The main water valve controls the flow of all water into your home and must…

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