Are Your Pipes Wearing Out?

General Plumbing Tips

Your home’s plumbing needs to be checked regularly by a qualified plumber. If your house is a little older, then it becomes even more critical to check the pipes periodically and get them repaired. If you overlook regular checks, then you will spend more money getting your whole house plumbed. Annual maintenance ensures that your pipes are in excellent condition. These checks should be conducted by professionals who can identify potential and current issues. By keeping up with periodic maintenance, you will postpone replacing your whole house’s plumbing which is very expensive.

dirty waterWater Color

We all love seeing clear water flowing out of the taps. If you notice that the color of the water is dark or muddy, then you need to check your pipes. The color in the water can indicate that some pipes have worn out. Rust or sediments in the pipes will turn the water dark in color. This makes the water hard. Hard water makes it hard to rinse the soap out of clothes and dishes.

Water taste

As the pipes grow older, you may find that your water starts to have an odd taste. Most often, this is a sign of corrosion. In such case, you need to check the pipes for corrosion. Using this water for cooking could become dangerous. If the water you receive has high acid content, then it will destroy your pipes. Quality of water needs to be checked. Pipes made out of copper should be used – get rid of the older steel pipes. If they are idle for a more extended period of time, the pipe gets corroded faster.

warn out pipesLeaks

Check for the leaks around the water pipes in your house. If you happen to see mold or mildew on the bathroom walls or any other places, you need to check for leaks in the pipes. These molds grow in moist environments. The presence of mold may help you to detect leaks in the house. Musty odors should be sensed in your home. If you find any mildew odor even after cleaning the house, then you have to check leakage in the pipes. Due to friction from water movement inside your pipes, pipes slowly wear and cause leaks.


Check the ceilings in your bathrooms. If you find any discoloration or stain on the ceiling, it could be an indication that the pipes are damaged. You can also check the places below the sink and the adjacent walls of the bathroom. Stains in these areas are a good sign of leaking pipes. Check the walls of your bathroom. If you see bubble formations in the drywall, then you have another sure sign of a water leak. This wall can eventually start to warp and break the wall in some cases. Apart from the plumber, you may need to contact a contractor to fix the wall.

Low water pressure

Over a period of time, sediments get deposited in the pipes, and that restricts the flow of water. The pipes get narrowed due to the presence of these sediments which results in less water pressure. Get your water pressure checked by the plumber to ensure that the pipes are free of deposits. Pipes generally have a long-life span. But as the house grows old, you need to check your pipes more frequently.

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