Slab Leak Repair San Diego

san diego slab leak repair

Joyce San Diego Plumbing provides AFFORDABLE Slab Leak Detection and Slab Leak Repair

Have you noticed that water is pooling outside your home, in your carpet or on the tile of your house? Slab leaks are leaks that start in the foundation of your house. These issues are identified by leaking water or a warm damp area in your carpet or floor. At Joyce’s San Diego Plumber, our master plumbers have over 20 years experience in slab leak detection and repair. Whether you have a minor leak or a serious problem, it is urgent to get them addressed as soon as possible to avoid further ancillary damage to your home.

The most common signs of a slab leak:

    • A sudden increase in your water bill.
    • Warm spots in your carpet or other floors.
    • A foul mildew smell in your yard.
    • Pools of water on your first floor or in the yard that don’t see.
    • Water pressure appears to have dropped.
    • Damp or molded carpet.
    • Bucked or cupped laminate or hardwood floors.
    • Cracks have recently occurred in tile floor covering.
    • Cracks in your walls or the trim near the floor. This is from upward slab movement due to the expansive-clay soil (under the slab) getting more and wetter and expanding in size.
    • Interior doors that stop closing right stick or bind.
    • A musty odor (it’s likely mold or mildew caused by excessive moisture).
    • You might be able to hear water movement sounds or hissing.
    • You are suddenly running out of hot water when consumption has not changed.
    • The water heater is running more than usual, or it was always running.
    • Somewhat increased energy bills.
    • You find warm spots on the floor.
    • In winter, a cat or dog is spending time in a new location (they found the warm spot).

There are Two Types of Slab Leaks

Water Slab LeakThere are two type of slab leaks. One that happens in water lines and the second from sewer leaks. Joyce San Diego Plumber has very special detection equipment to find these issues in your slab quickly.  We are very fast and affordable at fixing them too. We can often find and repair them in a single day.  Repairing your slab leak as quickly as possible is important, not only to prevent foundation

We highly recommend that you repairing slab leaks as quickly as possible to prevent foundation damage and ancillary damage like carpet and dry wall damage.

Causes of Water-Supply Slab Leaks

Water-based slab leaks are typically caused by a cracked or damaged water pipe. Water supply lines are as prone to age-based deterioration as any other As with most components within a home, Water-Supply Lines are subject to degradation as anything else. Typically we attribute these problems to slab movement or cracks. In California, we get a lot of ground movement or clay slippage.

During construction, the water-supply pipes and sewer pipes are put into the ground before the concrete is poured. On top of the pipes, the contractors add a plastic water-vapor barrier. Finally, the cement is poured as a slab over the pipes to support the weight of the house.

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