Hot Water Heater Repair Service and Hot Water Heater Installation

Joyce San Diego Plumbing provides AFFORDABLE Hot Water Heater Services
Hot Water Heater Installation or Hot Water Heater Repair

Joyce San Diego Plumbing provides affordable water heater services.  Keep in mind that the average lifespan of most tank hot water heaters is eight to 12 years.  Hot water heater replacement is the most common home improvement.

How much should a hot water heater replacement cost? The actual cost to install a new water heater depends if you are ready for an energy efficient tankless hot water heater.  A tank style hot water heater costs between $800 and $1200 for a residential model.  The tankless hot water heater costs between $1500 and $2200.  It is very hard to provide an accurate quote on water heaters. There are many variables like prior water damage, accessibility, and other issues to bring your hot water installation up to current code.

It pays to employ a professional for water heater repair and water heater installation

san diego tankless water heater - hot water heater repair and hot water heater installationMost home owners do not realize the benefits of hiring a licensed master plumber that knows all the local plumbing codes.  Joyce’s staff of plumbers is knowledgeable on all San Diego, El Cajon, Alpine, Chula Vista, Lakeside, Lemon Grove and National City codes.  As a licensed, qualified plumber, we will install water heaters correctly. We will use all of the safety features available and we will install your water heater to the current local plumbing codes.

WARNING: For electric hot water heater installations, you are using 240 volts of electricity. A poor installation can cause electric shock to the home owner.  When a gas water heater is not installed correctly, it is common to find gas leaks which can cause catastrophic damage to your home or its occupants.

The Joyce plumbing staff is careful about every aspect of your hot water heater installation.  We make sure that your hot water heater is installed with adequate clearance with a drip pan. For gas-fired tanks or even tankless heaters we ensure that your system is correctly vented to ensure that the residents avoid contact with carbon monoxide gasses. Based on the Centers for Disease Control, unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning leads to 400 deaths every year. Due to the carbon monoxide concern, people should always question anyone who does not pull a permit.

Once a home owner or commercial property uses Joyce Plumbing, we see them again when they have future plumbing needs.