Water Softener Installation

Most of America suffers from having to use hard water. The calcium and magnesium salts in it corrode and damage your precious glassware, cutlery, metals etc. Even while having a bath, your soap or body wash would not lather up, and your hair is also prone to damage. You might develop an allergic reaction to the salts present in the water due to which you might develop rashes as well.

Hence, to prevent all of this from happening, you would need a water softener installed in your house. And Joyce San Diego plumbing services are just the kind of service providers you would need for such a job. We would provide high-quality installation services that would set your property to receive soft water in no time.

Corroded pipes from hard water - soft water installationWhat does water softener do?

A water softener is a device that would be attached to the water outlets or the water pipes of your property. Whenever hard water would pass through the water softener through the pipes, the rock salt present inside the softener would ionize the calcium and magnesium salts. This would help in softening up the water.

With the flow of soft water into your household, your precious glassware, porcelain, china, stainless steel and other valuables will be safe to wash. Even your hair will no longer get damaged, and your body wash would produce foams as it should. Our in-house team of experts will make sure that the installation is complete in no time. You wouldn’t have to wait for long to get soft water which is your right.


Types of water softeners:

There are three types of softeners that customers can opt for:

Distillers: These devices use steam to purify the water. However, purification via steaming is a time-consuming process. The bigger the machine is, the more time it will take to purify the water. Hence, it is better to use these devices for small uses like for drinking water.

Reverse osmosis: These are the most common type of water softeners that are available in most of the households. However, the only downside is that they are difficult to maintain.

Whole house system: These are directly integrated to the water pipes of the property to convert all the hard water into soft water. These devices are costlier than the other two, but it is also something that is convenient if you wish to receive soft water for your entire property.

Soft Water vs Hard Water

  1. They improve water quality: Hard water isn’t suitable for drinking. They can cause severe kidney and liver-related issues. Hard water is also not ideal for your bathing as it might cause rashes to develop in your body. Even the soaps or body washes do not properly cleanse your skin as they are not able to form the foam. Soft water changes all that. It is far more gentle to your skin and does not produce any harmful effects on your body
  2. They protect appliances: Hard water has calcium and magnesium salts that can eat away your expensive tools, glassware, cutlery and other objects. Prolonged exposure to hard water can result in salt deposits that might harm your devices.
  3. They protect your pipes: Hard water can severely damage your pipes and reduce its lifespan by a vast number. And continually changing and maintaining the pipes can be an expensive ordeal. Water softeners prevent that and allow your pipes to sustain for much more extended periods of time.

Hard water is as bad as polluted water. That is why it is essential to keep it at bay. Joyce San Diego plumbing services would ensure that all you get in your property is safe and healthy soft water.

hard water spotsWhen do I need it?

You can have the soft water installation done anytime. Because we provide 24*hour services, you can call us anytime, and we will perform the installation right away. Our teams of experts are proficient at handling all kinds of plumbing systems. From old delicate plumbing systems to modern, sophisticated ones, we can work with whatever you can throw at us.

If you want things done fast and efficiently, then Joyce San Diego plumbers are for you. Our services guarantee that you will not be facing problems for a long time to come.


So, if you want to keep away damaged objects, stained plates, itchy skin and damaged hair, then reach out to us. We give our services at highly competitive prices. With the kind of quality and efficiency that we provide, you will have a hard time finding such type of work anywhere else.


Therefore, hurry up, pick up the phone and give us a call today to make your life easier.